Thursday, January 27, 2011


Insurmountable and pure
     (a festering rage)
Vehement and searing
     (this malevolence profound)
Unrelenting and pervasive
     (abhorrence of the wicked)
Maddening and calamitous
     (in umbral vision)
Focused and unabashed
     (in denouncing the hypocrite)
Malign and glacial
     (unbridled barbarism)
Invigorating yet draining
     (to bestow glorious nihility)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Awful Realization

The sepulchral mind exists purely through the constant necessity of reactionary observation, analysis, and testing.  Subjects include but are not limited to adders, bulls, hyenas, pigs, sheep, sloths, and wolves.  Unsurprisingly, all subjects fail on a consistent basis.  Experiments - the basis for which lies in the alarming lack of like-minded beings - vary in complexity.  Even in the simplest of trials the results remain bafflingly abhorrent.  Neither rational nor empirical thought manifests in these creatures.  The only conclusion that can be drawn is that there is an expanding inauspicious intellectual void; making way for the final collapse.  The impact of the sheer monotony and disappointment of this testing is that of pessimism and near misanthropy.