Monday, December 6, 2010

Man's Mirror

Falling through the deep abyss
I've learned not a single thing
Of heaven, hell or in between
This subject will remain the same forevermore

Nothingness will not be filled
Never will any shroud of light clothe me
There shall be no repentance of my sins
Let the lions tear me asunder

Peace is as elusive as perfection
Sanity, a mere state of false sentience
The birth of my flaws are of no concern
The symbiont is a master of deception

The fabric of one's existence is illusion
Reality is but the distorted perception of oblivion
Interpretation is only futility's clever pseudonym
The chimera merely devours what never was

The conjoined twins taunt me as I go
I've known them for all of what I know as my mortal life
Never would I have expected the treachery they possess
Nor could I have deduced the source of their wickedness

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